Welcome to Pete Whieldon Photography and Hampshire Hide Hire

The aim of the Pete Whieldon Photography Hampshire Hide Hire Centre is to provide an opportunity for photographers of all levels to share our passion for natural history photography.  You will be able to take unique photographs of native wild birds and our resident hawks and owls, all in the comfort of bespoke wooden photographer hides or our flight cage and woodland walk.

Within the woodland grounds, we offer two bespoke Kingfisher Hides located next to a natural stream and pond, a Reflection Pool hide, a Water Vole hide, and British Native Wild Bird Hide.

The Raptor Flight-Cage and Woodland Walk package you will be able to photograph a range of Raptors, including Harris Hawks, Kestrel, Bengal Owl, Barn Owl, Little Owl and a European Eagle Owl in our unique large fully netted flight cage (36m x 7m).

Following photography in the flight cage you will be taken on a 100 meter woodland walk. We generally use at least three Raptors that you will be able to photograph stopping at props, such as tree stumps and lichen covered posts, gates and other natural props to take photos. Finally, we move on to the reflection pool where you will continue to take more iconic images. This process is repeated for each of three Raptors in turn. This is a full on jammed packed enjoyable photography day.

Please note that none of our hide hire or photography packages, except for the Macro Workshop, include tuition.