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5.00 out of 5
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£150 per person

We have two wooden Kingfisher hides set in a beautiful location in Otterbourne, Hampshire. Each hide can comfortably sit 3 people with 3 windows however we tend to only allocate 2 people to each hide to allow space and an opportunity to set up two cameras. 

On average, the Kingfishers will visit at least a dozen times during the day and the cost covers your hire for the whole day from 7:30 AM. Pete will be on site to help set you up and will visit with hot drinks during the day. Your car is parked securely and there are toilet facilities on site. 



The Kingfisher Hide at Pete Whieldon Photography & Hampshire Hide Hire

An opportunity to photograph native Kingfishers feeding from adjustable natural perches at the side of a pond. This includes a chance to photograph them diving into and out of a submerged tank (not guaranteed, please enquire for more details).

Dimensions of the hide are: width – 4m, height- 2.5m, depth – 2.5m and has 3 individual scrim-netting windows in each hide. There are padded seats, hooks to hang your belongings and plates for you use. 

We recommend a Lens of 400mm -800mm and a tripod. The hide gets very cold, even on a warm day so please bring warm clothing! We will keep you fuelled with hot drinks throughout the day to keep you warm too! 

5 reviews for Kingfisher Hide

  1. 5 out of 5

    Graham Whistler

    A great 8 hours and took over 500 pictures see my website: all the kingfishers pix were taken in the one session in Pete’s hide. My photographer friend Malcolm was with me and took similar amout of pixs in our session. Light was slightly dull so we needed to push ISO. You need a 500mm lens and even with a plus x1.4 extender if you want to fill your frame. I used motor drive a 10 fps to get diving pixs and 3200 ISO and 1/3200 sec shutter speed.

    Many thanks for a super session Pete! GW

    ( PS Pete even came with as mug of tea at 1/2 time to see how we were getting on!!)

  2. 5 out of 5

    Doug Wharton

    A Brilliant place
    Many hides offer Kingfishers. Petes Hide Offers the Premier League (pardon the football analogy) of Kingfisher Hides.
    Where do I start, firstly Pete is an absolute gem of a bloke, very, very knowledgeable and passionate about wildlife and photography. Its a pleasure to be in his and his birds company.
    Petes “Back Yard” is created for wildlife and is amazing in itself, the attention to detail is unbelievable.
    Kate, who does all the admin is fantastic, on the ball and always ready to help.
    I admit I was wary about paying £150 before my 1st visit, having had bad experiences elsewhere.
    I was given confidence that Pete wouldn’t take bookings until he felt the activity level was good enough. That was in August, I had the best day ever in a Kingfisher Hide and have been 4 times in total up to 26th Oct and had more visits with longer duration stays than I had anywhere else.
    I come away with 2-3 times as many shots as I do elsewhere and with a large amount of them “Keepers” rather than the odd few before.
    I cannot rate this place highly enough, for Kingfisher activity, for set up and for great service from Pete and his team.
    The hides themselves are very comfortable, Pete brings you a tea or coffee at least twice a day. There are toilets on site 🙂
    A big factor to take into consideration is the lighting and Pete has got it spot on with the set up making the most of whatever light you have on the day. A lot of hides do not consider the lighting and at certain times in the day or on days with poor light are not great to shoot at.
    Kit wise, a long lens is a must and two bodies and lenses ideal as you can do perched and diving at the same time.
    A long lens is needed for both.
    If you are new to this type of photography, Pete is always willing to help with advice so don’t be afraid, get in there and see for yourself.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Gordon Ford

    I have been to the Kingfisher hide twice and both times have had numerous visits from the bird. The setup is excellent and Pete & Kate go out of their way to ensure the experience is good and you have the opportunity to get great shots.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Edo Schmidt

    This is an excellent opportunity for photographers to take pictures of kingfishers.
    The two hides are very comfortable and offer a very good view of the perches and the submerged fish tank.
    I used a 500mm lens with a 1.4x converter and was very happy with the pictures I took.
    Kate and Pete are very friendly and helpful.
    I will certainly visit again.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Juanita Knowles

    Fabulous opportunity to get up close and personal with these stunningly beautiful birds. I had the most amazing day despite the weather being grey and dull, and the light being awful, I managed to get some spectacular shots of kingfishers including diving into water tank time and time again. Everything about this day out is geared towards the Kingfishers ultimate safety and the photographer’s comfort and requirements, even down to the expert tips and hints from Pete to the welcoming cups of tea hand delived by Kate. What more could you ask for? Value for money, most definitely. Would I go again, absolutely.

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