Meet the Team



Pete is the founder and owner of Pete Whieldon Photography. He started this business due to his passion for Natural History Photography. Pete has worked extremely hard to build the beautiful site we work from with all the animals being part of his family.

Pete has travelled all over the world but there is no place he would rather be than his ‘back yard’ here in Otterbourne. 


Sam is Pete’s son. His main job is a Tree Surgeon but along with Pete, he is a full time caregiver of our animals as well as a fantastic falconer. Sam adores all of our animals and is great at handling and flying our birds.
Sam, along with partner Kate has also helped in the raising some of our birds from young and he plays a huge part in making Pete Whieldon Photography a success. 


Kate is Sam’s parter who works part time with Pete; her full time job is looking after a crazy toddler (Pete’s grandson, Archie). She handles all of the admin for the business including bookings, marketing, accounts and more. 

Kate now also has a camera and is learning photography and has also tried her hand at a little bit of modelling too. She of course, adores the animals too. 

Pete Smith 

Pete Smith is a facilitator here with us at Pete Whieldon Photography. He helps out with the maintenance of the site as well as new projects. Pete has great ideas and is very creative. He is also a photographer and his passion for photography helps us with the marketing of our products and set ups for workshops. 

Pete is a very valued member of the team that we couldn’t do without!