About Us

Designed with Natural History Photographers in mind

We are a small dedicated group of natural history photographers and falconers who have worked hard in the construction and development of these natural history photography facilities.  Our aim is to provide unique opportunities for other like minded natural history photographers so they can take photographs of native birds, our hand reared raptors, owls and the wild mammals that visit us here at our Otterbourne.

Since the summer of 2013 we have built purpose built bespoke hides based on best practices.  We have been constantly mindful of the importance of local conservation concerns, the maintenance of the 5 acre site, and importantly the  well being of both the wild bird population and our resident birds.  The photographer hides are clean, dry and placed in suitable positions relevant to the particular photo opportunities being offered to all natural history photographers who visit us at Otterbourne.

It is planned the facilities at Otterbourne will be available all year round but this will be based on the individual hide booking availability.  For example there may be periods throughout the year when the kingfishers or water voles may not be present. Naturally this is not something we can directly control. Although we have an experienced idea and evidence of fresh droppings is always a good indicator – you are advised to call us to discuss the current status.

The photographs used throughout this website have all been taken from the hides or flight cage and at various times throughout the year.  We also show a series of images taken at our off site macro workshop.  The purpose of this is to demonstrate the type of photography possible when you book a hide or a workshop with Pete Whieldon Photography & Hampshire Hide Hire and the visual variation of seasonal photo opportunities we offer you here at Otterbourne.

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