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Kingfisher Hide

£150 per person (group discounts available)

To book the Kingfisher Hide for the day:

We operate two hides with a maximum bookable number of (6) – 3 persons per hide.  The hides can be booked 7 days a week but only while the kingfishers are active. Talk to us first to discuss the time of day for best lighting conditions.

For the time being please phone regarding hide hire price and availability – 077 899 84747


Product Description

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The Kingfisher Hide at Pete Whieldon Photography & Hampshire Hide Hire

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Hide Information and Equipment recommendations:

  • Photo Opportunities: native Kingfishers feeding from adjustable natural perches at the side of a small pond including a chance to photograph them diving into and out of a submerged tank
  • Max Number of Photographers: (6) – we have two 3 person Kingfisher hides
  • Hide dimensions: width – 4m, height- 2.5m, depth – 2.5m
  • Viewing details: 3 individual scrim-netting windows in each hide
  • Hide: Fixed wooden
  • Landing points: we provided changeable landing perches at the edge of the pond that will allow unhindered photographs to be taken
  • Lens:-  200mm to 500mm + extender
  • Tripod:  optional but recommended
  • Bean bag:  optional
  • Clothing:  Warm jacket, head gear and boots although our hides are dry and warm it is still recommended you wear suitable gear
  • Booking: Call us as start times need to be very flexible

Please note: tuition is not provided.

Note there are flush toilets with hot & cold water available for male and female a short distance from the hides. Plus should it be necessary you can purchase hot drinks and food from the shop.


Kingfishers are found by still or slow flowing water such as streams, ponds, lakes and rivers in lowland areas.  In winter, some individuals move to estuaries and the coast. Occasionally they may visit garden ponds or a controlled environment such as at this wildlife sanctuary.

We offer two separate kingfisher hides where you will be able to photograph the kingfishers as they sit on branches or sticks at the edge of the pond.  The hides are placed along side a small attractive stream on private land where the kingfisher can be seen flying up and down.

You will be able to take your photos from the comfort of our bespoke wooden kingfisher hides.

All images in the gallery above have been taken from the hides.  We also include photos of the inside and outside of the hide to show you the actual hide you will be using.

Kingfisher Video:

Kingfisher Image Gallery


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