About Pete Whieldon

Pete Whieldon ARPS

First and foremost I am a photographer because I love the way photography helps connect me directly with nature and provides an opportunity to capture its wonders on camera.  I am a passionate  award winning wildlife photographer, a qualified dive instructor and proprietor of a garage business in Otterbourne Hampshire UK.  I specialise in bird, macro and marine photography.  My personal favourite subjects are kingfishers, raptors and especially owls.

My principle aim in starting the Pete Whieldon Photography & Hampshire Hide Hire centre was so I can share my passion and enthusiasm for wildlife photography and conservation with other like minded natural history photographers who will have a unique opportunity at Otterbourne to take iconic images of kingfishers. birds of prey, owls, water vole and other wild life at our Otterbourne and macro centres.

My workshops have been developed over many years and are based on my extensive practical photographic field craft experience.  The images seen throughout the website have been taken at the Otterbourne centre or at our macro centre workshops and demonstrate my enthusiasm and passion for natural history photography.