Flight-2 Flight-Photographers-window-with-Barn-Owl Flight-1

Click thumbnails above for larger view of the flight-cage.

The ‘Flight Cage’ allow us to exercise the raptors and owls in a fully netted and safe enclosure.  At one end of the ‘Flight Cage’ we have a viewing gallery where photographers are able to take photographs of the birds in flight. This is a great training area for photographers who wish to practice the skills of focussing on a bird in flight before shooting in our open areas.

There are natural props the raptors and owls will fly to under the control of the falconer. We use natural props such as stone walls, moss covered wooden tree stumps, old gates and posts and a number of other changeable props that are available.

We are constantly looking for new and interesting props that we can add to the collection.  The ‘Flight Cage’ is 30m x 7m x 7m and fully netted with access doors at either end and side of the structure.

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