Construction & Development by photographers for photographers

The centre has been under general construction and development since the summer of 2013.  During this time extensive changes have taken place including the construction and development of our bespoke photographer hides and unique flight cage.  Purpose built aviaries have also been constructed to house our resident owls and raptors.

The centre and photography hide hire was the brain child of Pete Whieldon ARPS when he purchased 6 acres of open farmland and woodland behind his garage complex at Otterbourne, Hampshire.

The grounds have open fields, woodland areas and a natural stream and pond running through the land which attract a range of wildlife including water vole, kingfishers and other native wild birds.  Initially this was an area Pete used to unwind at the end of a hectic days work but his passion for natural history photography allowed him to further develop the area to share this wonderful tranquil part of Hampshire with other like minded photographers.

So the next stage in the development of the site was the construction of bespoke photographer hides that offer a unique opportunity to take photos of kingfishers, water voles, raptors, including Harris Hawks, Bengal owls, European Eagle owl, Barn Owl, Little Owls, Tawny Owls and native British birds under both controlled and wild conditions.

Pete Whieldon has been responsible for all the major land alterations and site development over a period of time.  He then brought in a small team that further helped with plans to turn the area into a unique wildlife and bird sanctuary with the intention of hiring out photographer hides.

The design, construction & development and planning of the bespoke wooden hides, and also the flight cage, was the responsibility of Pete Smith ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB.

We have a small team who have been responsible for the husbandry, care and training of the resident raptors and owls.

There has been a lot of effort by all concerned with strict attention paid to ensure the site conforms to necessary conservation guidelines and safety.  This is considered of paramount importance both for the wildlife and the people who hire our hides.